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Birthing and Postpartum Preparation

Childbirth Classes

Pick and choose your classes.  Take one or some or all!  Class pricing is available here! 

Private sessions available for $50/class or $320/all sessions.  Gift certificates available.  Cash, Check, and Credit Card accepted.  


Preregistration is required for access to Zoom code.

Please Contact Sarah Torres at 707 407 9744 for more information or register by clicking the registration button below. 


All classes are held at: 

On Zoom until further notice due to Pandemic.

Family Maternity

Physiology of Pregnancy

Session One

  • Pregnancy timeline details for mom and baby

  • Hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy

  • Foods and beverages to avoid while pregnant


Physiology of Birth

Session Two

  • How the body begins preparing for labor

  • Stages of labor and what is happening inside mom's body

  • Most common reasons for a c-sections and what to expect from a c-section should it be necessary

Rebozo in mirror.jpg

Physical Coping Techniques

Session Three

  • Available medication choices and their risks/benefits

  • Movement and body positioning and how things like water, heat, cold, massage, acupressure points, laughter, and dancing can help

  • Breathing during different stages of labor

Pregnant Asian Woman

Mental Coping Techniques

Session Four

  • How visualization, manifestation, and mental escapes can help

  • The importance of the feeling in the birthing space

  • Positive birth affirmations - Some ideas to make your own

  • A partner's role in the emotions of labor

Water Birth

Build Your Birthplan

Session Five

  • Plan for all the possible scenarios

  • Learn about routine procedures for both mom and baby and make choices about those moments before they come to pass

  • Leave the class with a birth plan that you feel empowered by

Newborn Baby with Mom

Postpartum Self Care

Session Six

  • What to expect in the first week home - physically and emotionally - for the whole family

  • Dealing with visitors

  • Sitz bath, peri bottles, and not overdoing it

  • Ideas for how partners can help mom and baby

Newborn Baby

Safe Sleep, Cloth Diapering, and Babywearing

Session Seven

  • Nursery vs Room Sharing vs Bed Sharing

  • Choosing diapers and carriers for your tiny one

  • Learn to swaddle

addie nursing.jpg

Feeding Baby in the First Year

Session Eight

  • Breastfeeding - Frequently asked questions: How long? How often? When does milk come in? How do I know if my baby is getting enough?  What is normal? Who do I talk to if I have concerns?

  • Self care for breastfeeding moms

  • How can a partner help a breastfeeding mom?

  • Pumping and milk storage

  • When do I introduce solids?

Driving School

Car Seat Safety

Free Session

  • How to properly install a car seat and harness your child

  • Free individual car seat installation checks with a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician 

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