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Birthing and Postpartum Preparation

Childbirth Classes

January group classes *In-Person* at Nueva Vida Doula Services; $250 per family for the full series.

Private sessions available for $200/class or $650/all sessions.  Gift certificates available.  Cash, Check, and Credit Card accepted.  

Private sessions for those with Partnership/Medi-Cal are a fully covered benefit and may be scheduled HERE


Space is limited! Preregistration is encouraged to ensure a space.

Please Contact Sarah Torres at 707 407 9744 for more information or register by clicking the registration button below. 


All classes are held at: 

Nueva Vida Doula Services

3117 E St

Eureka, CA 95503

Family Maternity

Physiology of Pregnancy

Session One

  • Pregnancy timeline details for mom and baby

  • Hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy

  • Foods and beverages to avoid while pregnant


Physiology of Birth

Session Two

  • How the body begins preparing for labor

  • Stages of labor and what is happening inside mom's body

  • Most common reasons for a c-sections and what to expect from a c-section should it be necessary

Rebozo in mirror.jpg

Physical Coping Techniques

Session Three

  • Available medication choices and their risks/benefits

  • Movement and body positioning and how things like water, heat, cold, massage, acupressure points, laughter, and dancing can help

  • Breathing during different stages of labor

Pregnant Asian Woman

Mental Coping Techniques

Session Four

  • How visualization, manifestation, and mental escapes can help

  • The importance of the feeling in the birthing space

  • Positive birth affirmations - Some ideas to make your own

  • A partner's role in the emotions of labor

Water Birth

Build Your Birthplan

Session Five

  • Plan for all the possible scenarios

  • Learn about routine procedures for both mom and baby and make choices about those moments before they come to pass

  • Leave the class with a birth plan that you feel empowered by

Newborn Baby with Mom

Postpartum Self Care

Session Six

  • What to expect in the first week home - physically and emotionally - for the whole family

  • Dealing with visitors

  • Sitz bath, peri bottles, and not overdoing it

  • Ideas for how partners can help mom and baby

Newborn Baby

Safe Sleep, Cloth Diapering, and Babywearing

Session Seven

  • Nursery vs Room Sharing vs Bed Sharing

  • Choosing diapers and carriers for your tiny one

  • Learn to swaddle

addie nursing.jpg

Feeding Baby in the First Year

Session Eight

  • Breastfeeding - Frequently asked questions: How long? How often? When does milk come in? How do I know if my baby is getting enough?  What is normal? Who do I talk to if I have concerns?

  • Self care for breastfeeding moms

  • How can a partner help a breastfeeding mom?

  • Pumping and milk storage

  • When do I introduce solids?

Driving School

Car Seat Safety

Free Session

  • How to properly install a car seat and harness your child

  • Free individual car seat installation checks with a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician 

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