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Prenatal/Postpartum Virtual Doula Support

Individualized Support


1 Session $65

3 Sessions $195

5 Sessions $300

  • Prepare for labor and birth with private sessions with a Certified Doula from the comfort of your own home. Specially tailored for your circumstances, these sessions are an excellent way to boost your knowledge base as you build a plan to navigate labor and delivery.

  • Private postpartum support with a Certified Lactation Counselor meant to provide education and guidance as you navigate the ins and outs of breastfeeding and newborn care through those crucial first weeks.

  • Each session is scheduled on your preferred virtual platform and lasts between 1-2 hours.

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Virtual Birth Doula Support

On-Call Birth Support


On-Call Virtual Birth Support plus Three Virtual Prenatal/Postpartum Sessions


On-Call Virtual Support plus Five Virtual Prenatal/Postpartum Sessions


  • Access to your very own Pocket Doula! 24 hour on-call virtual birth support available by text, phone, or video chat as you navigate your birth space. While there's no way to truly match the benefits of in-person doula support, having a Virtual Doula available to you through your birth means having access to educational and emotional support. Whether it be guiding your support person through providing physical support, helping to find evidence based answers to big questions, helping to frame questions for your doctor or midwife, or reassuring that you are strong and capable, your virtual doula is available to support you.

*Added Bonus!*

- Access to all Nueva Vida Doula Online Childbirth Classes at no additional cost

- 24 hour text/phone support from 36 weeks gestation through 2 weeks postpartum.

- Access to exclusive Facebook Community group

***Limited Availability!***

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Virtual Lactation Support Package

On-Call Virtual Lactation Support



  • Create a breastfeeding plan via Zoom prior to the birth of your baby with a Certified Lactation Counselor.

  • On-Call 24 hour virtual lactation support from your baby's birth through the first two weeks postpartum (limited to five hours total phone or video chat time)

  • Two scheduled virtual postpartum Lactation visits.

*Added Bonus!*

- Access to online Nueva Vida Doula "Feeding Baby in the First Year" class at no additional cost

- Access to exclusive Facebook Community group

***Limited Availability***

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