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Belly Casting

Nueva Vida Doula Services is excited to be able to offer Belly Casting beginning in September, 2018.  Belly Casting is the art of creating a three dimensional replica of a pregnant person's belly out of multiple types of plaster in order to preserve that memory forever.  The cast is then often decorated, making it a truly beautiful, personal, and unique piece of art.

The process of belly casting is done in the pregnant person's home and will take several hours to create the cast, then several days to complete the drying process.  For inquiries and booking, please fill out the booking form on the Belly Casting Inquiries and Booking page or call or text Nueva Vida Doula Services at 707 407 9744.

Temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19

Belly Casting Inquiries and Booking

This service includes Belly Casting to finished, but undecorated quality.


This service includes Belly Casting to finished with choice of one of five designs for decorating Belly Cast.



This services includes Belly Casting to finished with custom design created with and for you and your family.



Casting Only

Casting and Prefixed Design

Casting with Custom Design

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