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Intro to Rebozo

Originating in Mexico, a Rebozo is a long piece of woven fabric with many purposes. Traditionally the Rebozo is worn as a shawl in order to provide protection from the sun, as well as to provide warmth in the cold.  It has been used for centuries to carry heavy loads, wrap children to carry, and to assist in childbirth.


As doulas and childbirth professionals, one of the most useful tools we can use in the birth space is a Rebozo.  With dozens of different uses for the pregnant, birthing, and postpartum mother, it is one item many doulas are always sure to bring to births. 

Discover how to use a Rebozo in your birth work with clients:

  • Prenatally

  • During labor and birth

  • Postpartum

This in-person class is approximately three hours long and, as a special gift, includes your own hand woven Rebozo from Mexico to take with you on your journey.

More questions?  Feel free to contact me directly! | 707 407 9744

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