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Interviewing a Doula

When it comes to hiring a doula, it's extremely important to hire the doula that's right for *you and your family.* The perfect doula for each family exists out there, it's just a matter of interviewing a few to finding the best fit for your family. Below is a list of questions to consider asking during a doula consultation

. Happy interviewing!

Questions to ask potential doulas:

1. How long have you been a doula and what drew you to this profession?

2. How many births have you attended as a doula?

3. How would you describe your doula “style?”

4. In what ways do you offer support to a birthing person’s partner?

5. Do you have experience working with high-risk pregnancies and/or birthing complications?

6. Do you have any travel plans around my due date?

7. How do you most often find yourself offering support to your birthing clients?

8. What other training, qualifications, or certifications do you have?

9. In what capacities besides your work as a birth doula are you involved in the pregnancy and postpartum community?

10. How many times do you meet with clients before and after the birth?

11. Where do prenatal and postpartum meetings typically take place?

12. At what point in my pregnancy would you be on-call for me?

13. Once I request your help, how long should I expect before you’re able to get to me? And if I’m planning to labor at home before going to the birth center/hospital, are you willing to meet me there? Travel time from your home/work to mine?

14. How long do you stay after the birth? And what kind of support do you usually offer in that time frame?

15. Do you attend home births and birth center births and hospital births?

16. Do you require that your clients attend birth classes? If so, do you require that they attend specific classes or styles of classes?

17. Are you vaccinated? (if this feels important to you)

18. Have you worked with my doctors/midwives before? If so, how would you describe how you work together?

19. Do you use a contract? If so, do you include a time clause in your contract?

20. How many clients do you take in a month or certain range of weeks? Do you have a backup doula?

21. What are your fees like and on what time-frame do you expect payment(s)?

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